She Freak

She Freak
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Circuses, freaks, bad acting. This sad story is a great way to kill an evening!

Claire Brennen stars as a discontent waitress working in a small-town greasy diner, and looking for something more. When the circus comes to town, she finds herself attracted to its excitement - and secures a job with the traveling show as a food service worker. As the circus moves on, and she with it, life seems to be going well - new friends, steady work, a romance or two, and eventually a new husband - but she discovers that she despises the freaks and human oddities of the side shows, and uses her marriage to the Circus' owner to take control of the carnival. Now she must strike a balance between profit and patience, as the carnies and side show freaks set out to exact revenge on her for her Gestapo-like management techniques -- FREAK STYLE!

Cheezy Flicks Entertainment Presents She Freak: Starring: Claire Brennen with Lee Raymond, Lynn Courtney, Bill McKinney, Claude Smith, Original Music by William Allen Castleman, Cinematography by William G. Troiano, Film Editing by Byron Mabe Production Manager Dan Hallstrom, Associate Producers Alan L. Sonney and R.I. Long, Produced by David F. Friedman, Writing credits David F. Friedman and Directed by Byron Mabe

  • Runtime: 1:33
  • Aspect ratio: 1.33
  • Rated NR
  • Directed by Byron Mabe
  • Originally released in 1967
  • Starring: William Bagdad, Irving Berlin

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